Tansport & Logistics

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Tansport & Logistics

We Provide a comprehensive range of products and services in transport industry with industry-leading technology. BEZHW’s in-vehicle hardware unit could be fixed in-vehicle mount or be detachable from dock as a handheld device to monitor, track, communicate, and review your fleets, as well as the daily works like Navigation and routing information, Scanning, Journey, payment etc as far as your software support.

With clients’ professional transportation system or software on our driver control unit, operators could easily and quickly detach the unit and connect the barcode scanner to the USB on our device for cargo checking and tracking, extended insights to improve driver safety, reconstruct falls and injuries, proof of delivery, fleet surveys, improving logistic efficiency etc

Are you ready for your program&system, let’s move forward to reduce collisions and remove risk from your fleets…

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