Hospital patient care & Medical Tablet

Medical tablet

Hospital patient care & Medical Tablet

Our Android bedside terminal & medical tablet are designed for corporations who are focusing on integrated patient engagement, patient experience and clinical workflow technology solutions with or without their own medical system software. The innovative design like 1080P CTP support 4K vide, POE+, RFID, handset for VIOP & nurse call, and anti-microbial plastics etc always meet professional customers’ requirements.Benefit from years of experience designing the patient care bedside terminal and home care tablet, we know what appeals to our customers is our innovative designs which come direct and allow our customers to have ownership in their design, Do you want to have your own brand?

Our Terminal can be arm mounted in bedside or wall mounted in doctor room to allow doctors and patients visit medical or electronic records based cloud service or patient care system, or medicine management in pharmacy, but for Patients, they can also access their current care team, palying games, pain management, ordering meals, patient education, VOIP or other medical apps etc through our terminal to create excellent patient experience and patient engagement, that’s also many hospitals wish to do these kinds of professional works or services for their patients. integrate with traditional EMR and hospital IT system, which could help hospitals offer a quality service.

We are constantly improving our technology, updating our products to satisfy the requirements of the markets, welcom to give us any suggestions, for information, pleases feel free to contact us

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