Our technologies serves many professional clients in a variety of industries. to design commercial grade hardware solution to meet specific automotive, medical and Industrial requirements. Come with us, to make businee easy, flexible, on-time and innovative…


Transport & Logistics

Providing a comprehensive range of products and services in transport industry with industry-leading technology. BEZHW’s in-vehicle hardware unit could be fixed in-vehicle mount or to be detachable from dock as a handheld device to monitor, track, communicate, and review your fleest, as well as the daily works like scanning, journey, payment etc as far as your software support.

Taxi & Bus & Truck fleets

Continue to develop innovative hardware solutions, electronic logging device (ELD) that advance the performance and effectiveness like taxi dispatch, truck fleet management, bus transportation as well as some special requirements like OBD II, J1939, J1708 etc. to well serve your transportation management system including vehicle tracking, fleet maintenance, fleet telematics, driver safety tools and ELD compliance etc.

Hospital patient care & Medical Tablet

Designed for corporations who are focusing on integrated patient engagement and clinical workflow technology solutions with or without their own medical system software. The innovative design like 1080P CTP support 4K vide, POE+, RFID, handset for VIOP & nurse call, and anti-microbial plastics etc always meet professional customers’ requirements.

Mining & Industrial Control

If you are looking for a hardware platform with rugged tooling in the application of mining, Industry control. BEZHW’s rugged embedded computing with IP54, IP65 could meet your requirements under the harsh environmental conditions . and the CAN, multi-baudrate(BPS), serial port and Compass (Magnetic field) et are available for you.

Agricultural Machinery & Forklifts, Bulldozer

BEZHW’s rugged MDT is not only used in heavy duty truck and mining, but also in forklifts, excavator, cranes, bulldozer, tractor and agricultural machinery etc. your real-time tracking solution on our platform will help you to know the exact location of vehicles and reduce inspection time.

Commercial Grade Display & Terminal

It’s most probably based on our Android platform in IOT (Internet Of Things), M2M, Internet Of Vehicle, Smart Home, Eletronics Healthcare etc like in-car blackbox, set-top-box, digital android TV, multimedia advertisement player, and embedded development board etc. Our investment in the potential help us improve performance, increase revenue and reduce your cost.

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