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Welcome to BEZHW Website, Which is built for providing you the competitive hardware solutions.


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By focusing on creativity and innovation, we have built very competitive and exellent hardware solution in taxi dispath, heavy duty truck feet, bus fleets management, agricultural machinery, hospital patient care etc based on NXP i.MX (Freescale), Rockchip, MTK, Qualcomm series. Our solution also extend to Industry control, commercial kiosk, school educaiton etc.


I’m Bruce Zhang, a person of great honesty and BEZHW website builder, I have been in embedded hardware industry for many years and would like to spend more energy, more time, more innovation working and studying in this fields.


in-vehicle mobile data tablet

Here in Bezhw, you could find a lot of projects that fit the applications and paly important roles in smart city solution, like IOT (Internet Of Things), M2M, Smart Home, Eletronics Healthcare etc


Here in Bezhw, you will find those demanding and excited projects you have ever wanted to win become EZ (easy) with our talent and effort.


Here in Bezhw, I want it to be a platform where amazing happens, where make our projects win-win for each other, this is why I built this website.



I truly feel like we are on the leading edge of a very important innovation for fleet management, patient care and the intelligent display industry. We will always strive to give our customers every advantage in the competitive space. We are looking forward to any opportunities for future cooperation.


Our platform has been verified by some very professional customers in automotive filed like Peoplenet, Verifone, Trapeze and hospital filed like Barco, Novar(Honeywell), Remedi-tech etc.


We have some off-the-shelf products with basic certifications, and provide design and manufacturing service in every phase of OEM/ODM:


Customer Inquiry – Project kick off meeting – Project Initiation – Product Development (PCB layout, ID Design, Mechanical Design) -1st And 2nd Pilot Run – Product Production – Service & Support – Customer Satisfaction


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